It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend Moussa Thiam who passed away in August 2012.

We first met Moussa when he arrived at the Bettenhaus looking to participate in our Open Stage evening and really got to see one of his many talents and passions as he was freestyle singing and rapping about people, his first impressions of the Bettenhaus and his experiences as a foreigner in Germany. From that first moment, it goes without saying that everyone was drawn to Moussa not only because of his intractable smile, always brimming from ear to ear, but also his friendliness. After spending only a couple of minutes with him, one could never forget his openness, kindness and generosity, something which we saw once again during the Sommerfest, when Moussa spent hours helping to set everything up, to prepare the VöKu and then performing in French, Wollof and German.
Moussa’s presence will be missed and he will not be forgotten.

1 Antwort auf „IN MEMORY OF MOUSSA“

  1. 1 Maxime (michoko) 30. Oktober 2012 um 14:03 Uhr

    Vielen Danke Betten-Hause , ich finde das sehr gut FUR MOUSSA unsere Freunde

    Wir vergessen nciht Mouusa, er bleibt in unsere Kopf.

    Und hallo fur alles von Betten Hause

    Maxime aus Paris

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